The Lamest Tune-up Fight Ever (fast forward to 2:40 minute mark of the video)

I bet very few of you know that yesterday, July 17, 2011 (in the Philippines) Juan Manuel Marquez fought Likar Ramos as tune-up for his fight against Pacquiao in November. JMM weighed 138lbs. while his foe ticked in at the limit of 140lbs. Ramos appeared naturally bigger while JMM looked cut up.

The bout was suppose to be easy for Marquez; I didn’t know it was THAT EASY. Watch the 1st round one-punch knockout from Marquez. WHAT’S MORE IMPRESSIVE WAS RAMOS’ ACTING SKILLS!

Notice Ramos playing dead like a dog, his eyes purposely twitching. What a fake!

Could anything be more obvious than this; a set-up to highlight Marquez’ supposed power at the 140-pound level? JMM was never known for his power and that won’t change when he faces Pacquiao. If this tune-up fight aimed to hype up the 3rd installment of Pacquiao-Marquez, it utterly failed!

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