The Phenom Has A Lot To Learn

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Yes. You read it right. After that scintillating breakout game and after trending on Twitter (a testament to how well he played) I am saying that Kiefer Ravena has a lot to learn.

For your information, I am not a Kiefer hater; I am exactly the opposite. I have been following his career since he was in 7th Grade. I was courtside in every championship he won all the way up to his senior year in high school. I am just trying to put on paper what I saw on the court.

So hold your horses. You’ll understand after reading the last sentence.

We were all witnesses like Cavalier fans as Kiefer dominated the first half of the bitterest rivalry in Philippine sports. 22 points on dipsy-doo lay-ups, patented Kiefer 1-2 step drives and spinning jump shots. His offensive arsenal was on full display.

“Ikaw na Kiefer. Ikaw na.”, quipped the man next to my Upper A seat.

Like Mico Halili, I was not surprised with the things he did because I’ve seen it one to many times. The Phenom immensely impresses fans every time, looking ever so impeccable. Nothing new.

But I saw something I have never seen before; he looked lost in the fourth quarter. You may have noticed that he was taken out of the game at the 3-minute mark of the pay-off period and while walking back to the bench, Assistant Coach Jamike Jarin (his long time coach in the junior ranks) was berating him. By his gestures I inferred that he wanted Kiefer to pass the ball in the last play. Two possessions before that, Kiefer held up his dribble too early after a pick and roll play, resulting to an intercepted cross-court pass. Judging from the coaches’ reactions, they wanted him to be more aggressive.

These small errors by a rookie are very typical and they do not say anything negative about his skills. The two plays tell two different things: the first error shows that Ravena is still being submissive (maybe unselfish) towards his teammates while the second tells us that he still isn’t comfortable with Black’s system.

Despite this, Kiefer Ravena tallied 24 points 10 rebounds 5 steals 2 assists.

Yes. Kiefer still has a lot to learn. In a few games The Phenom will realize that he is the best player on the team and he will start feeling comfortable on pick and rolls.


    • Anika T.
    • July 18th, 2011

    Hahaha! Great entry. Same thing, I’ve seen Kief grow up. Met him the very moment he transferred to Ateneo! I’m not surprised rin with what Kief pulled off in the Ateneo-La Salle game. 17 is still too young, he’ll have so much time to learn and improve on his skills, and so on.

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