Dad, Thanks for introducing me to this guy.

17 years ago, back in 1994, my Dad took me to The Big Dome to watch my first PBA game. I was in awe at Araneta Coliseum’s size and at how many people it could fit.

It turned out that Araneta surely  needed maximum capacity that particular play date as Ginebra (led by playing-Coach Sonny Jaworski) was featured in the second game against a team I didn’t know.

I couldn’t remember where we sat or what two other teams played in the first game but what stuck with me was how much I enjoyed my red hotdog sandwich and how this little guy, all 5 feet and 7 inches of him was running rings around the whole Ginebra team.

Fast forward to the present and I reflect on how that fateful day in 1994 shaped my life and my love for basketball. Dad, thank you for introducing me to this guy:

That's me on the left with the greatest point guard the Philippines has ever seen: Johnny Abarrientos.

What a face Flying A! You will forever be my IDOL!!!

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