Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Ever since the Lockout officially commenced back in July, I decided to keep myself apathetic and detached from the sporadic back-and-forth exchange between NBA owners and players. The situation was becoming more like show business where NBA on Yahoo! Sports was like The Buzz; making so much news out of nothing. The unproductiveness of the meetings between the two sides was just tiring.

So whenever someone would ask me about the possibility of an NBA season pushing thru, I’d answer the question in a way I would answer someone who asked me about my chances with a girl who has just busted me; “Aaaahhhh, ehhhhhh, hindi ko alam eh.”

But my pessimistic view changed once I started being receptive of any news about the Lockout, especially when I realized that September is upon us; barely a month away from when training camps would start and from the time we start placing reservations for NBA 2K12 at Data Blitz.

I have started to see signs — amazingly hopeful signs on the net —– that things are about to get serious (Chris Sheridan’s article excited me the most). That doesn’t mean solved though. In a few weeks, players will start to miss paychecks and owners will start losing ticket sales. That would be the time where everyone will wait on who blinks first.  Like a stare down contest, it would be just a matter of time before someone does because there is just too much to lose for both the players and owners (and America). At a time when the US economy is slumping again, we will know for sure if NBA Cares truly cares by saving thousands of Americans their jobs.

As Pinoy Basketball fans, we really don’t care who gets the better end of the deal. We just want Basketball. And we need the NBA. After the UAAP and the FIBA Championships, what do we have? The PBA? We deserve more than that!

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