For the NBA, it’s Now or Next Year

We all have body clocks. Unfortunately, mine makes me wake up at 6-6:30am everyday. What has recently amazed me is a part of my body clock subconsciously tunes itself with the NBA season. For the past few nights, I have been dreaming of Opening Night and the Mavs Ring Ceremony. This longing for something utterly uncertain that has been part of our daily lives as basketball fans goes to show the depth of influence that the NBA has on us.

The existence of this annual cycle may be determined within the next few days. Reports all over the net reveal that aside from the overriding dispute between the players and owners, both sides have factions within themselves that disagree on significant details regarding how negotiations are run and what each group as a whole should negotiate for. Hot on the rumor mill is Jordan’s group of owners pushing hard for a 53% share on Basketball-Related Income (BRI), that gives players a disappointingly low share of 47%. A couple of outlets report that 50 players have met privately to plan the decertification of the Players Union; most of them feel that Derek Fisher and Union President Billy Hunter are making side deals with David Stern.

Of course, the aforementioned rumors are very important and they pique us. But what we truly care about are the official state of negotiations outlined by the share of BRI. So here is where they are at right now.

Out of all sources, Chirs Sheridan (and David Aldridge) reports the Lockout with very reliable and easy-to-understand details.

If nothing is agreed upon by 12mn on Thursday (Philippine Time), the NBA will have 2 batches of rookies next year.

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