Si Caguioa at ang Plano ng Barangay Ginebra

When Ginebra played its first game this 37th PBA season, Tanquincen utilized Mark Caguioa off the bench. I thought then that the Gins’ “co-coaches” were just trying to limit his minutes due to injury. I believed otherwise when I saw that he had no problem with his movements; he was the same old “Spark” with the funky hair and the mean teardrop. After a few more games I was still looking for reasons why he came off the bench and worse, why he was only playing around 25 efficient minutes. Maybe the coaching staff was just trying to preserve his 32 year-old body (he turns 32 on November 19) for the deep postseason run they expect to make.
NO. Those weren’t the reasons why he was riding the bench. After playing 12 and 19 minutes respectively in two straight losses that put the beloved Barangay Ginebra near the cellar at 3-4, Caguioa was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Tangquincen and Uichico’s biggest fears have just happened. Their so-called “franchise player” has just publicly blasted them for his limited playing time.

It is now obvious what Tanquincen and the whole Ginebra Franchise is trying to do; REBUILD.

(Pasensya na “co-coaches” I’m with Mark Caguioa on this one. I’m about to respectfully BLAST you!)

Wala namang masama sa ginagawa nila. I agree with Coach Siot that every team goes through the rebuilding process, pero are they rebuilding the right way? O baka naman mas magandang tanungin kung dapat ba silang mag-rebuild ngayon or dapat ba silang mag-rebuild at all?

For the past few games, ganito ang itsura ng starting line-up ng Ginebra: Labagala, J. Wilson, Canaleta, W.Wilson, Villanueva. Sa tingin ko they’ve got positions 1, 2 and 3 wrong. Alam ko super inconsistent si Mike Cortez pero isa sa mga malalaking rason kung bakit is he keeps on starting then after a few games bangko na naman. He is the best point guard on the team and is relatively young. He should start instead of Labagala. John Wilson was 1st-Team All-Defense last year, pero sa totoo lang mas magaling ba siya dumepensa kay Ronald Tubid? Kung oo, baka kaunti lang ang angat niya at alam naman nating lahat na mas magaling si Tubid offensively.  Hindi lang yan, Tubid represents the attitude of the whole Barangay, matapang, masipag at palaban!

And last but definitely not the least, dapat mag-start si Caguioa and more importantly play at least 32 minutes a game. Depende sa kalaban kung sino ang dapat palitan ni Caguioa; kung teams with length and quickness at the 4-spot ang kalaban nila dapat si Canaleta, kung teams na may malalakas na kwatro, dapat si Willie Wilson. Alam ko puwedeng mali ako diyan pero walang debate na dapat mag-start si Caguioa

Perennial MVP Candidate

(Caguioa’s Career Stats)

Noong 36th season, madalang bumaba sa beinte kung mag-score si Caguioa and more importantly ginawa niya ang lahat at nananalo sila. Somehow hindi pa pababa ang laro niya. Absolutely no coach would put their franchise player who at the same time is the team’s best player without question and who just came off an MVP-type season, off the bench. Kung sa NBA, parang binangko mo si Iverson noong unang salta niya sa Philadelphia.

Kung magpatuloy pa ito, it’s either si Tanquincen and/or si Uichico ang aalis or si Caguioa at ang milyon-milyong fans ng Ginebra. If Tubid represents the attitude of the whole Barangay, Mark Caguioa represents the identity of what Barangay Ginebra is all about. Sa kanya ipinasa ni Jawo ang bola. He was the next enigmatic figure after the greatest basketball player of all-time in the Philippines.

Last year, umabot sila sa Finals sa Commissioner’s Cup at dalawang beses sila nag-semis. Arguably, nasa Top 3 parin sila dapat.

So sa tanong na dapat bang mag-REBUILD ang Barangay Ginebra, ang sagot ko HINDI! Rebuild is not the right term. Sa palagay ko they should just RENOVATE or REFORMAT. Sa palagay ko it is not right to rebuild kung wala kang players to build around. Maraming beses na nabigyan ng tsansa si Canaleta at lalung-lalo na si Intal pero hindi talaga sila magiging franchise players ng Gins. They don’t have the attitude for it. Si Labagala? Si J.Wilson? Seryoso ba kayo? The way I see it, dapat tamang balanse lang ng mga beterano at ni Caguioa kasama ang mga bata nilang players. Yan ang tamang paraan. I think that’s the way for Intal and Canaleta and Co. to achieve proper growth. Dapat matuto sila kasama ang mga mas nakakaalam. Kung papabayaan lang sila, para silang mga batang pinalaki mo na walang magulang, kuya, ate, lolo at lola.

Hindi naman ako Barangay Ginbera fan pero I have been around basketball all my life. Hindi sa pagmamayabang, marami akong alam sa basketball kasi I don’t only watch it, I also analyze it and read about its history. So sinulat ko ito objectively na walang bias.

I MAY BE WRONG BUT I DOUBT IT!!! –Sir Charles and Robi Raya-

    • pennylane
    • November 8th, 2011

    another DS scenario? d difference here is DS didnt lambast siot publicly. siot’s usual excuse then was he was injured this despite the fact of DS’ assertion that he was NOT everytime we got to talk to him at acropolis. The wrong thing here is siot seems to be in a hurry in his rebuilding program first at smb now at bgk. di nako magtataka kung ssipain ka uli siot! ewan ko ba kung bakit naging head coach ka uli pagkatapos mo babuyin ang rotation ng smb before!

    • Yup maybe. Pero it is hard to compare their situations. Caguioa is the franchise player, Seigle was not. Pero gets ko point mo.

    • irwin
    • November 8th, 2011

    Tama ka sir. Sang-ayon ako sa mga sinabi mo. Parang Cleveland cavaliers din iyan kung ikukumpara mo sa nba. Ibabangko mo si lebron james ng ginebra na si Mark “the SPARK” #CAGUIOA yo!

    • You got it right! Pero compared to Cleveland, BGK has relatively more pieces.

      • nicko
      • November 27th, 2011

      tama ang cnabi mo . .

  1. renovate , reformat is synonymous to REBUILD.. hmm..

    • hahaha. Parang tama ka ata. Pero alam mo naman ibig kong sabihin diba??? haha Sorry. Next time I’ll look for better terms. Revise??? haha

  2. On the Rocks? I don’t think so.

    If some fans could remember they went 0-5 in a conference but went all the way winning the championship. so the losses to Meralco and Talk and Text were just mere setbacks.

    Caguioa will always be that type of player who voices out. That’s why he’s known as the Furious. He’s game has changed and evolved through the years not because he is getting old but because of how the PBA has also evolved. No more high scoring 30’s per night averages. (except Gary David). When the PBA scratched off the “illegal defense” so players could adjust to international play that affected deadly scorers in the league.

    Management had meetings with the team to let the young ones voice out their concerns, yes, they need playing time to hone their skills to become the new breed of Ginebra stars carrying the team Ginebra. Yes, Helterbrand lost his speed, and definitely Caguioa has some flare left in the tank. Only the coaches would know why they haven’t been using Jayjay and Mark together for longer minutes. They still can play, we only don’t know if they could do it for more than 30 minutes because we have not seen them play together that long on the floor.

    With Siot’s comments on rebuilding the team, he is correct. BUT, they just can’t inject youth. they also have to look at the skill set of players that they bring in. He pointed out that he did the same thing with Vergel and Bal. Giving their minutes to young Jayjay and Mark. BUT he also has to consider that Bal and Vergel and even Limpot could no longer give them Points that they badly needed. Jayjay and Mark has showed that they still can score and dish out and be game changers.

    The rotation is not that good right now. Yes, start the young ones and let them play. If they could see the tapes, they always play catch up because of the poor start that the young guns bring. No disrespect for Labagala, yes he is fast and good. but he’s not quite ready to be a starting point guard. he’s quite the same as Kevin White and Rob Johnson and Macky Escalona.

    John Wilson seems to be a good choice to start the game. He moves without the ball well but inconsistency is what shadows his game. He could be the flag barrier, only if he takes charge and not pass off most of the time.

    Willy Wilson is the most efficient and effective of them all, if only he was 6’6. he’d be the franchise. Offense, Defense, Hustle and Tenacity.

    You can’t blame Yancy coz that’s his game long way back when he was in St. Francis of Assisi.

    Somehow JC is forcing his game. He needs not to feel the pressure of the Fans and management. He has talent but he needs to work on his strengths. He bulked up with some weight and muscle. He tries to take it off the dribble. His best asset is moving without the ball. and not creating plays. He is also a good Help defender along with KG because of their length. They showed that to Ginebra a couple of years ago when they played for Air21. When JC, KG and Pingris where on the floor. The full court pressure defense was supurb.

    Maybe what the coaches could ponder about is ROLES, player roles. Just Maybe. Who’s the starters, relievers, etc etc.. Siot lost his coaching job at SMB because of that. He had the best team on paper. but disregarded the roles of players. Maybe it’s time to bring the Ginebra game back. RUN..

    • Definitely not on the rocks yet. But I think this is different. Iba ‘to. Para sa akin parang sinampal nila Siot si Caguioa. Sayang talaga si Intal. Akala ko magiging star siya. For his career dapat na siyang lumipat, a fresh start kasi nga tama yun sinabi mo na naprepressure siya. Para siyang nag-iisip kapag tumitira.

  3. TAMA KA SIR DI NAMAN FRANCHISE CALIBER SI ROB AT SI WILSON E, in their past 4 games mas madami pang beses silang nag kalat kesa sa nakatulong tama ang rebuild kung may pundasyon ka ng pamalit pero kung di naman matatag y gamble?? para ka lang nag bigti…. im a big fan of GINEBRA pero this past games nawawalan na ako ng ganang manood sa laro nila, bakit?? sinong fan ang gustong manalo ang team ng tyamba? oo panalo pero walang kwenta ung mga tinalo nila tinatambakan lang ng ibang team un e pero sila, pinahirapan sila so for me may malaking pag kakamali sa system ng ginebra ngaun kaya sana maaksyunan na ito

    • Tama ka! Sometimes yun cliche na “A win is a win” ay hindi totoo. Sa tingin mo panalo ba yun sa Shopinas??? Tatakpan ko pagmumukha ko kung ako sila Caguioa sa kahihiyan.

  4. tama lahat ng sinabi mo dapat lang talaga

    • Thanks bro!

    • Rodglen Tagua
    • November 8th, 2011

    All your comments are true and with basis, no need to rebuild because wala naman caliber player cla bata na tulad ni Paul Lee, Lassiter o Lutz. Masyado lng cla ngcoconclude na dapat mgrebuild eh panu kung puro cla talo san pupulutin ang team nila. Sila J.Wilson, Labagala at J.Aquino kung patitirahin ng 10 beses at si Caguioa ay 10 beses din malamang di nila tatalunin si Caguioa for sure at isa pa ung galing nya mgpasa at kumuha ng attention ng kalaban pr madouble sya eh wala sa mga rookies na gusto ibuild up ng 2 coach ng Ginebra.

    • Anthony John
    • November 8th, 2011

    may punto ka. somehow, i’m on your side. pero sa perspective ko, may punto din naman si Siot. BGK, sa tingin ko hindi o wala sila sa rebuilding process… nasa Hibernating Stage lang sila. Eric is gone. alam nating lahat na since masira ang paa niya due to serious injury, hindi na bumalik pa ang laro niya. kung dati He’s “no pain, no gain”… ngayon “no gain” na lang. and we’re all sorry about that. im a fan. pero yun ang totoo. Jayjay is about to end his pro career. Caguioa, oo He is a Leader, pero lahat tayo may “‘intro”, “climax” at… “ending” in whatever we do. the same as their’s.
    watch out for these men (Labagala, Intal, J. Wilson, Canaleta and perhaps Aquino) to be locked and loaded. i think Siot is just waiting for their turn, and when it comes… boom! plus, during that time, probably Cortez, W. Wilson, Tubid and hopefully The Spark (if he is still an active player by that time) will then be the still energized veterans who plays the tradition of the Barangay.
    maybe now is not BGK’s turn yet… still, i believe that somehow, someday, the whole coliseum as well as the whole nation will be once again intensified and will be brought on the edges of their seats as they watch a “never-say-die” Company on the floor…

    • Opinion respected! Agree to disagree! Salamat pre.

      • isa lang talaga ang ikinadismaya ko sa coaching staff ngayon… BAKIT SI CERVANTES ANG KINUHANG ROOKIE?!… from the recent draft, pwedeng pwedeng kunin si Dylan, but they have chosen Reil instead… and now what?…
        seems like De Javu di’ba? wayback i thingk 2 or 3 conf. ago, they traded Baguio for Miller… all for nothing. ang punto, sayang yung chance. i mean, look at ababou now, He’s a gunner, and a consistent rookie. hindi naman sa kinikritiko ko si Cervantes pero bakit ka pipili ng barya over a bill? Ababou is way better than Reil.
        look at Cervantes, He’s a star in the D-League pero tila kinapos sa paspas as he stepped up. Mabuti pa ang former teammate niyang si R. Lingganay ngayon, napapakinabangan ng Poweraid.
        J. Wilson and Labagala are sophies and during their rookie stages, oo medyo matagal bago sila makapag-cope up pero in the long run, couple of games, they found their spot and finally felt their rhythm. Cervantes, compared to them, is just a lone old star on the bench. meaning to say that his Coach didn’t liked what he is showing with their practice games.
        anyway, thanks pare. keep it up. nice one Bekshoot.
        also… just call me dalawa/singko para naman bagay sa blogspot mo. 🙂

      • Well, Dylan Ababou is an undeniable talent at alam naman ng lahat na mas magaling siya kay Cervantes kahit nabangko si Ababou sa Gilas. BUT you draft based on NEEDS. Kung drinaft nila si Ababou, baka hindi rin siya makalaro dahil sobrang dami ngang SG at SF sa Ginebra. Back in 1984, the Portland Trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie kahit alam nila na mas maglaling si Jordan kasi nga may Clyde Drexler sila noon. And besides sino ba naman nagakala na ganon kagaling si MJ? And ako, hindi ko inexpect na ganon kagaling si Ababou. As far as I’m concerned, Cervantes was the best big man in the draft. Ganoon kasama yun draft in terms of bigs!

      • Thanks Dalawa/Singko! Astig ka!

      • pare, any update sa trade?

    • jowel
    • November 8th, 2011

    you are absolutely right!!!! 1000 like….b4 i thought dat two heads are better dan one…in BGKs’ situation now,,its turning out to be a disaster…

    • Salamat!

    • Bernie
    • November 8th, 2011

    Anong nangyayari!? When the coaching staff of BGK says they will give the young ones exposure, that’s fine but seems they carried away with that mentality when game is on the line? I agree the young ones will take over on this team., pero di dapat biglain or pilitin nkakadagdag lang lalo ng pressure s kanila hope this issue will motivate them (players) pero parang makakasira pa., for me focus on what you have right now! If you want change? Discuss it with the management. The veterans on the team ay may ibubuga pa right timing and mix of youth they will be fine, what the team needs right now and is missing the last few years is isang mahilab hilab n bigman center probably, mkakatulong nila rico and yancy yun ang kailangan!, at saka isang team building retreat haha! Sana maayos ang na ang issue n ito more power and god bless!..

    • Agree ako sayo brad Bernie! Personally, Mamaril is better than Villanueva. Ako lang yan ah. And kulang sila ng isang quality big man. Puwede muna sila magtiis ngayon with what they have (wag na sila umasa kay Menk parang Bill Walton eh injured parati, but he contributes when it counts sa playoffs) then trade some pieces to go up sa draft next year. Next year’s draft will might have Abueva, Ramos, Marcelo and Slaughter. Or, if they want a quick fix, trade some of their guards for a reliable big man (ang problema, kaunti nalang talaga ang quality bigs sa PBA, guard-dominated league tayo eh).

  5. tignan nyo nung last draft… bakit iniwasan pa nila si Dylan Ababou, alam naman naton na mas magaling sya at mas matangkad keysa kay Cervantes… tignan ngayon sya (Dylan Ababou) ang nagdadala sa Barako Bull… kahit ganun ang laki ng katawan nun kaya nyang maglaro ng magaling…

    • Well, Dylan Ababou is an undeniable talent at alam naman ng lahat na mas magaling siya kay Cervantes kahit nabangko si Ababou sa Gilas. BUT you draft based on NEEDS. Kung drinaft nila si Ababou, baka hindi rin siya makalaro dahil sobrang dami ngang SG at SF sa Ginebra. Back in 1984, the Portland Trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie kahit alam nila na mas maglaling si Jordan kasi nga may Clyde Drexler sila noon. And besides sino ba naman nagakala na ganon kagaling si MJ? And ako, hindi ko inexpect na ganon kagaling si Ababou.

        • Che
        • November 10th, 2011

        Even back in his UAAP days for us in UST, sya talaga ang go-to-guy and he takes over during the crucial points. Kaya it’s no wonder nadin na he is doing the same sa Baraka Bull. Sayang lang na naoverlook ng BGK staff yun before the draft. He could’ve been a great addition. I was really expecting him to be drafted by Ginebra that day, kaso wala e.

  6. simple lang. parang pagibig lang yan

    ~Dont search or demand kung an0ng wala sayo. Just value and realize kung an0ng meron ka na pagsisisihan m0 kpag nawala o iniwan ka nito.~

    …alam natin na caguioa is now aging. pero sa ngayon kaya pa nya. kaya habang kaya pa nya, SULITIN!!

    kasi 3-4 years baka kilos gurang na yan. habang anjan pa si mark GAMITIN ng GAMITIN. pag nawala yan saka kayo maghihikahos n maghanap ng bagong go to guy na mala jawo and spark caliber material.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Dr. Love in the house!

    • that’s too selfish kaibigan. sometimes you have to remember that after all, it was just a game. kung re-rephrase ang sinabi mo, “push Mark up to his limit whatever might happen to him, as long as manalo ang team.”
      look at TNT, they act like a family. team buildings, travels, leisure, heavy practices, and even now tungkol sa nangyari kay Ali… they all act and move as one.
      same as Alaska, in my opinion, they are the most disciplined team in the league (specially during their time with coach Tim)
      B-Meg is also one.
      All of us want THIS Team to regain the basketball governance here. at magiging posible lang ‘yon kung aside sa Goal mong manalo, iniisip mo din ang mga players mo na malaki ang ginagampanan para Manalo ang team na ‘to.

      • Pareng Dalawa/Singko, hindi ko ibig sabihin na push Caguioa to the limit. Ang sinasabi ko lang gamitin siya ng tama. Do you agree that he’s the best player on the team? If yes, then try to think na parang sinampal siya kung palalaruin lang siya ng mga 15 mins. And worse, bangko siya sa end game.

        Yeah totoo yun, TNT at Alaska, they do things the right way as franchises. Ang reklamo ko lang sa TNT eh unfair yun talent nila and the way they acquired it. It is impossible na magkasya sa CAP ang mga salary nila. Sobrang lalaking bonus ng mga yan.

    • MC47
    • November 9th, 2011

    I agree with that there is something wrong w/ the rotationof players with the Gin King. Hope the coaching staff could find a solution to this before its too late…

    • Oo nga eh. Sobrang chaotic ng balasa.

    • jeromihori
    • November 9th, 2011

    sa tingin q TRADE tlga solusyon jan eh..mkuha lng nla c jaywash,pingris o thoss..solve na problema ntn..alm nman ntn na hndi AGE ang problema ng team kundi legitimate BIGMAN..BGK fans here..NSD

    • Trade talaga ang solusyon. Pero may pampalit ba kila JWash, Pingris at Thoss? In a league where quality big men are scarce, I doubt na may makuha sila. Hindi papakawalan ng mga teams nila yan. Pingris is the only tough big that BMEG has, same with Thoss’s situation with Alaska. JWash is a co-franchise player with Arwind. So best bet is to move up in the 2012 draft where ver good big men will be abundant.

  7. nun last na smb vs gin sa finals… pingris vs salvacion smb won and pingris get d finals MVP. den aces, dalawang beses sila nilaglag.. salvacion vs devance.. coaching staff lang may problema.. and PLEASE stop sayin “OLD” “GETTING OLD” “NOT YOUNG” ETC!!! ilan taon na si kobe at ilan game per season and almost everyday may laro? ang panget ng rotation nila.period.
    5. rico/wilson
    2,3,4 starters, sila din ang magtapos ng laro..

    mc47-“How can I help them when I’m sitting on the bench”
    halatang di gusto ng mga players ang diskarte ng coach.

    • kazuya
    • November 9th, 2011

    tama po kau dian sir!! L:) step by step lng ang mga rookie pra humasa pa ng lalo(excpt paul lee? hahaha) ang kinaiinis ko lng ndi pinapasok c caguioa kapag crucial time na nung klban nila tnt at meralco,,

    • Remo Tierra
    • November 9th, 2011

    sir, tama po lahat ng sinabi mo at hindi ako naniniwala sa word na “franchise player”, ang dapat po ay “FRANCHISE PLAYERS” dahil kung sa iisang tao lang ang aasahan, what will happen? At dapat hindi manghinayang ang management na gumastos at maghanap ng trainer para sa big men ng kings, kasi yun ang gus2 ko talagang mabago sa BGK, yung productivity po ng big men. SIR, kung may kakilala naman po kayong close or kahit papano malapit sa coaches/management ng BGK, iparating niyo naman po sana tong mga comments namin. TNX sIR, KEEP WRITING THOSE THINGS, an eye-opener to all basketball fans.

    —->”do not be contented to be a fan, aim to be a BASKERBALL CRITIC”

    • Thanks Remo. Nakakaflatter at nakakataba ng puso ang mga comments na katulad niyan. Though you believe otherwise, naniniwala ako sa term na “franchise player” dahil maraming teams ang may ganyang player. Sinasabi lang niyan na ang player na iyon ang nagdadala ng franchise. The team does not count solely on him. PERO naniniwala rin ako sa term na “franchise players” dahil sa Petron, mayroon sila nito; si Santos at JWash.

      Keep on commenting bro! Suportahan natin ang PBA at basketball!

    • Sa view mo na kailangan pa itrain ang BIGS ng Ginebra, palagay ko hindi na kasi wala na magagawa yun. Nakakahiya para kay Enrico at Mamaril na si Willy Wilson ang best “Big Man” nila. Like what I said, TRADE nalang for good draft position next year! Maraming magagaling na bigs!

      • Che
      • November 9th, 2011

      TRUE! This is a team sport and not an individual event. Caguioa needs help, but cutting his playing time is not helping him in any way.

    • Che
    • November 9th, 2011

    I would have to agree with you. I’m a BGK fan and I have been there cheering for them since I can’t remember when.

    Nung una kong nabalitaan na Siot will be a co-coach, I thought maybe mas magiimprove yung team. Yes, we are missing Menk’s rebounds and numbers. Yes, we lose a great player in Hatfield but tama si Caguioa, hindi naman tamang sa harap ng crowd magexperiment. Coach Siot did good sa ibang championships ng Ginebra but ngayon, parang ang lumalabas he really is experimenting with the team. Tama na binibigyan nila ng playing time yung mga new guys, but they can’t handle the pressure as much as the veterans. Tama na ineexpose sila, pero hanggang kailan? Tama na maaga pa din sa conference para sabihin na may mali nga sa system ngayon, pero hindi mo naman pwedeng irason sa fans, sa crowd na sumusuporta sa Ginebra na kaya wala silang nakikitang much playing time for Caguioa dahil sa exposure na kailangan makuha ng mga mas batang players.

    Kung si Caguioa mismo frustrated na sa system sa nangyayare, ano pa yung fans. They can rebuild slowly, pero hindi yung biglaan. Na out of the blue they just decide to make drastic changes. Pati si Helterbrand, hindi nadin kasama sa starting line-up e. And I think that they can establish and build something without sacrificing their key players. Coach Siot and Coach Jong should know that. The system of Coach Jong worked for the past conferences, oo, hindi pwedeng ganun lagi, pero hindi din pwedeng overnight lang ang change na gusto nila out of their players. The players, like the coaching staff, are the reason kung bakit sila tinawag na team. Kung mismong veteran players na nila ang frustrated sa mga pagbabago, may chance na sila mismo hindi na magperform when the coaches expect them to.

    • I agree with everything you said!!! Couldn’t agree more pero feeling ko hindi na dapat magstart si Helterbrand. Tapos na talaga siya. Hindi na niya kaya.

        • Che
        • November 9th, 2011

        With that said, is it true na he is retiring soon? I dunno, I just heard it from a friend. Pero, I would have to admit that he remains as a playmaker for the Kings. Nakakalungkot lang din yung fact na Tubid isn’t getting much of playing time. I like J. Wilson, but he has to go a long long way para mabigay nya yung energy na binibigay ni Tubid sa team and yung in-your-face/inaasawa-ang-kalaban defense. It’s quite disappointing.

      • I don’t think he is retiring soon. He just came off an MVP season and biglang bumalik laro niya. He’s only 32. Shooting guards go into their twilight starting 35.

    • tenza21
    • November 9th, 2011

    teka… kaylan nagkaroon ng mgaling na big men ang ginebra??? 3 lang un marlou aquino, hatfield and menk.. c menk nga nkuha pa nila pero puro injured na din.. sa totoo lang mhina ang BGK sa gitna… wla tlaga cla legitimate na center mula nun.. magkarooon man wla ng maayos na kpalit… ang BGK kc guard oriented kc run and gun tlaga laro nila.. dba? isang big na maasahan lang ok na tau… kya pa yan… no need to trade players…

    • Tama ka tenza21. Masyadong mahina ang BGK sa gitna. Pero paano ka makakakuha ng isang big na maaasahan kung hindi ka magtrade. Ang tingin ko nga lang mahihirapan sila makakuha dahil nga konti nalang magagaling na bigs sa PBA. Kung mayroon talaga, hindi papakawalan ng current team. So best bet is to trade up sa 2012 draft which may feature Junmar Fajardo, Greg Slaughter, Marcelo, Abueva (not sure, alam ko may 1 year pa siya sa NCAA), etc.

    • jay-ar lim
    • November 10th, 2011


    • Thanks

    • Rg
    • November 12th, 2011

    Wla mangyayari sa gin kings kung ipipilit nnaman ni siot yung ibababad nya rookies! Bat ba pinpilit nya yun e kaya pa naman umiskor nika caguioa! Gawin nya yun pag wla na gngawa cla caguioa!

    • Benjoe
    • December 22nd, 2011

    Trade lang. Pero si Jong na Dapat. Dapat itong mga trade.
    Bonbon+Eman for Enrico +Jc
    Get Jondan Salvador kung puede i dagdag siegle. So Magiging Starting Line Up
    Para bumalik ang running game ng BGK. Parang yung 90’s lineup lang diba.

  8. A big thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Cool.

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