Why ‘Tim Tebow’ should ring a bell

There is a good chance you are not an American Football fan. Perhaps the football you know is the round one that bounces in a predictable manner. If by any chance you know of a guy named Tim Tebow then good for you. You must follow the National Football League or you must be a sports fanatic at the least. If the name does not ring a bell, then you are about to know why it should.

Tim Tebow plays quarterback for the Denver Broncos in the NFL. What’s interesting is that his statistics as a quarterback tell you that he is one of the worst, yet many analysts consider him as one of the best the League has to offer. For a major part of the season, Tebow and the Broncos have played so awful in the first 3 quarters of games that they find themselves facing huge deficits in the waning moments. As if on purpose and on cue, Tebow turns into an entirely different player and leads his team to improbable come-from-behind victories (6 out of 8 wins) showing unmatched courage and an unbelievable will to win (think Dirk Nowitzki and Gary David’s legendary fourth quarter performances; 6 of those!). Sports analysts all over America have been going crazy over what he has done and have been describing his performances as “out of this world” and “phenomenal”.

He is currently one of the most popular athletes in America because of those amazing fourth quarter performances; arguably more popular than LeBron (pun intended). The Tim Tebow craze has gotten so out of hand that his last name has been coined into a term. According to Tebowing.com, to “Tebow” is to get down on one knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Tebowing has turned into a phenomenon and they say that it is like planking, only sillier.

Well, there is nothing silly about how it all started. After the Denver Broncos’ first come-from-behind victory of the season against the Miami Dolphins, Tebow knelt down on one knee and started praying while more than 50 teammates and coaches were jumping and hugging each other.

Why should Filipinos care then?

When asked on how he tries to keep all of the success into perspective, Tebow replied:                                                        (quote from NFL Network video)

“The greatest thing with this sport and with the NFL is we have such a platform. And we can take that platform and we can influence the next generation. And that is honestly my passion and this week we got to announce that I was building a hospital in the Philippines. And this game means a lot but that hospital means more to me because that’s changing people’s lives. That’s giving people faith and hope and love. And you know, that’s more important and so my ultimate goal with this, with playing football is to be a great role model that a parent can look at their son and say you know that’s someone who’s trying to do it the right way. He’s not perfect but everyday he’s trying to get better and he’s trying to honor God and do the right thing, do what’s right and do what’s best.”

 Timothy Richard “Tim” Tebow was born on August 14, 1987 in Makati City, Philippines to American parents who were serving as Christian Baptist missionaries at the time. As a young boy, everyone needed their fathers to instruct them in the masculine verities. While other American fathers taught their kids how to tackle with ferocity, Bob Tebow taught his young boy how to worship and spread the Word of God.

After more than one score, Tim Tebow is still spreading God’s Word in the Philippines every NFL offseason. Right now, he is about to build a hospital in Davao City. According to CURE International, their partnership with Tim Tebow is a natural fit.  Both organizations share the same passion – to bring hope and healing to children around the world.

When I asked about the partnership’s purpose and goals, a representative from CURE International had this to say, “The mission and vision for the Tebow CURE Hospital is to bring physical and spiritual healing to disabled children in the Philippines,” he shares. “The 30-bed hospital will provide orthopedic surgery and spiritual services that would cater to the needs of disabled children in Mindanao supported in part by also providing surgical services to the private pay patients on the island.  The proposed facility will be located in the Davao city region that will be managed and operated by CURE International.”

Athletes and personalities like him are as rare as they come. It’s truly amazing how helping others is his main priority. Whenever analysts ask questions about football, he answers them with the Word of God and with his advocacy to help people in the Philippines. Whenever girls come with indecent proposals he says he is saving himself for marriage.

Tim Tebow is like Kim Kardashian in the sense that they are getting more popular for being famous. But ultimately, he is the antithesis of K.K.. He uses fame primarily as a platform for helping others, not to satisfy his vain needs. While Kobe, Michael, and Tiger all have had their mishaps (or rather mistresses), Tebow has God, and then football.

He is exactly the right person to be popular. Maybe just what America, the Philippines and the World need right now. That’s why “Tim Tebow” should ring a bell.

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