5-on-5 with Charles Tiu and Tony Dela Cruz (Part 2): 2 glaring PBA Questions

It’s no secret that the talent pool in the collegiate and amateur ranks is the deepest in years. With the influx of young superstars in the UAAP and NCAA and foreign-born Filipinos in the PBDL, competition is at a very high level. When these players eventually enter the PBA, where will they go with the PBA only having 10 teams?

Teams these days have been playing more and more “small-ball”. You actually see 6’2″ to 6’4″ centers and powerforwards that player from the outside. So has the game really evolved or is there simply a lack of BIG MEN?

1. The PBA needs a few more teams. Why? Why not?

TDC: I think the PBA can always use more teams as long as the amount of total teams is an equal number.  We have 10 now but if 2 more were to join i think it would be just the right amount.  12 is the magic number.

Tiu: Somewhere in between – it would be nice to have more teams so the MVP and SMC groups would have less power over the league, plus it would give a lot of other players an opportunity to play professionally. The negative part though is finding a team that will be willing to spend and compete to stay up to par with the other bigger teams – and not just stand to lose their draft picks after a few years.

Bekshoot: I completely agree with Tony Dela Cruz on 12 being the magic number. I think it would create the right balance of power among teams and that it would give non-superstar players opportunities to make names for themselves. The Intals, Yeos, and Simons of the PBA will get enough playing time to show what they are really capable of doing. Having more teams will also create more opportunities for rookies and sophomores. Imagine the time when the players from Sinag-Pilipinas eventually enter the PBA. It would just be too crowded if the number of teams stays at 10.

2. Has the PBA game evolved or is there simply a lack of quality BIG MEN?

TDC: Basketball will always evolve into trends.  I think right now the trend is to run and gun.  You are seeing the development of hybrid players that are tall and can play 3 positions.  When this formula runs its course teams will start to go back to the traditional styles with a big man anchoring the middle not only on defense but offense as well.  When a team or 2 finds success others will follow suit. To me its a style depends on the trends of the time.

Tiu: Yes, the PBA has evolved but it is also because of the lack of true big men! our height has always been an issue but even in the PBA, we see less and less big men who really play back to the basket and post up. Of course, we’ve still got guys like Thoss, Danny I, Kerby, Ranidel, Ali, Asi who can be categorized as the more traditional big men but then you have bigs like Arwind, Joe De Vance, Japeth, Sean Anthony who play in a different style

Bekshoot: The 90’s and the early part of the new millennium had PBA players like Limpot, Aquino, Patrimonio, Codinera, Ildefonso, Seigle, Hawkins, Paras, Menk, Taulava, etc. Now, the PBA has Thoss and uhmmmm, aahhhhh…. help please! Thoss is the only true big man in the PBA that can score on the low post (not high post) on a consistent basis.


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