Anthony Davis  #23 Freshman 6-10

 14.3 ppg  10.0 rpg  4.6 bpg

University of Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis is a game-changer. And calling him a player that can sway the fortunes of the franchise that will take him at #1 in the 2012 NBA Draft is by no means a stretch like his arms. You’ll understand me if you’ve seen him play. If you’re not convinced by that video up there then watch him carry his #1-seed Wildcats through March Madness.

At 6-10 and 220 pounds, Davis has a body that looks skinny but makes opponents feel otherwise. His “lack of strength” is compensated by exquisite timing, feline jumping ability, and out-of-this-world length. Get this: the kid has a 7-4 wingspan! 7-4! Davis’ arms seem like stretched clay dough stuck to his broad shoulders! His arms, stretching up as high as the Empire State, make it tough for opposing post players to get a shot over him even if Davis has lost ground. He’s arguably the best shot-blocker in the last decade with 154 denied attempts at the basket (NCAA tournament teams Creighton and Belmont have 154 blocked shots combined!).

Scotty Thurman concurs and even puts his name with the GREATS.

Arkansas former star player SCOTTY THURMAN via Washington Post:

Davis is a little bit different monster. College basketball, since the days of Alonzo Mourning, has not had a shot blocker like this. Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing — he is in that class. You talk about the shots he’s blocked, how about the number of shots he has changed? A lot of guys don’t even think about shooting.

Let me add to that. Anthony Davis can defend the pick-and-roll as well as KG. What makes KG a great pick-and-roll defender is that he can switch to the quicker guard and make him back off and not take a shot; and then he switches back to his man in a heartbeat. The consensus best collegiate player can do all that.

Back-to-back NCAA tourney Champion Head Coach Billy Donovan says that Davis even gets to his players’ minds.

Multi-titled Florida Head Coach BILLY DONOVAN:

As a coach, when you are preparing for Kentucky, you can talk about Davis and his shot-blocking ability. But it’s one of those things, unless you have played against it a couple times, it really can take you off-guard. Because you think you can get the ball up on the glass, you think you can get it over him, and that’s the worst thing.

Even though he is a bit raw on offense, all signs point to him eventually scoring at least 15 a game in the NBA. Unibrow A.D. has good form on his jumpshot and soft touch on his hookshots.

Barring any Paul Pierce or Len Bias-like accidents (knock on wood), Anthony Davis is 99.99% the first draft choice in June because he’s the type of player that you don’t draft based on needs (unless you have Dwight Howard). You just snag him!

When I watch him play I experience a familiar feeling of giddiness for what the future holds for this freak of nature; I realize it’s the same feeling I had when I saw Kiefer Ravena play for the first time when he was just barely a teenager.

  1. Can’t wait to see what happens to him!

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