Random Moments of Inspiration: Barefoot Basketball and Sex

After about 37 minutes of shifting tabs in my Safari; from stalking this girl on Facebook, to anxiously anticipating some Jessica Sanchez news on Twitter, and painstakingly waiting for the Youjizz load bar to come full, I decided to start researching for THIS article. I typed ‘barefoot basketball’ on the Google toolbar, landed on Barefootcanada.org, and came up with this video of a sixteen year-old Pinoy in the U.S. explaining how he grew up playing basketball with his bare feet:

For Bien, the time he migrated to the U.S. didn’t change the way he played ball. It was still his bare feet and (this time) cold asphalt. He grew up dribbling and shooting without any protection from the hard floor, so the habit stuck with him like John Lloyd’s you-know-what getting stuck inside Shaina’s cha-ching. It was just hard to remove!

Bien reminds me of the first and only time I played barefoot basketball. But the reason for doing so was different. I played ball once with my bare feet because one random afternoon all the kids on the court did so. And so I removed my Jordans and jumped off the cliff.

And you thought this happened almost a dozen years ago. No. It was just last year. I was a full-grown 23 year-old man getting his feet black with kids who looked like half his age. I felt like Steve Carell in the 40 year-old Virgin. Damn, should’ve done it 4,380 days ago. It was anything but a feeling of regret though. I was in fact, experiencing an odd combination of various feelings —- of being a bit out-of-place, of finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for the last 15 years, of pain and pleasure. I now realize that the things I felt that time and the smile I wore after, were all too familiar —- that smile was the same smile I saw in the bathroom mirror after the first time I had sex. Ganon pala kasarap maglaro nang nakapaa.

Barefoot basketball hurts, but it feels so damn good —- just like sex.


Mom, sorry. Baby boy isn’t a virgin anymore. Hope you’re not surprised! hahaha

    • soullessvagrant
    • May 6th, 2012

    Nothing like playing barefoot on a sunny afternoon against karpinteros killing each other for either ice tubig or Pop Cola! They can say their countries love basketball, but not the way we LOVE basketball. : )

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